Medici: The Da Vinci Journals. A game about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. All graphics by jalonso, All programming by Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau.

This game is still a "Work In Progress". It was mostly developed from 2010 to 2012. It's now under indefinite hiatus. You can follow the process since its inception and other details on this thread. Visit this thread for the original mockup by jalonso.

For programming commisions, projects, hiring, etc... mail to:
For art, design and graphics contact jalonso, at



Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau

  • Born in: Barcelona, 1982.
  • Academic skills:
    Computer Bachelor's degree (management speciality) - "Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Gestión" (spanish) - "Enginyer Tècnic en Informàtica de Gestió" (catalan).
  • Now living in: Spain
  • Available for: freelance and full/partial time hiring.