DISCLAIMER: I profoundly respect Hinduism and all of its beliefs and images. I depict Kali here from my limited knowledge of Hinduism and with her nakedness I wanted to emphasize her empowerment as a female god, her sexuality, and life and death, which are themes that are of utter importance to me as an artist. So I wish not to disrespect any Hindu believer and because of this I pixeled sensitive parts of the images. I've done this from my own initiative, without requirement from anyone, after months of reflection. To see the uncensored images please click HERE. If you want to discuss my depiction of Kali or your thoughts as a Hindu believer please contact with me at jaume.alcazo@gmail.com and I will be happy to talk with you and your perspective on the matter. Of course I will bring the image down if a majority of Hindu people finds it offensive and wants it down and I offer my apologies in advance in the unfortunate event that my artwork doesn't get the understanding I wish it deserves. But please, I did not intend to do anything offensive. She's just naked, she is a goddess, I feel she does not need to cover herself before mortals or anyone. I feel she doesn't care at all. After all, it's just a picture and my vision of it. Please, take it easy. I took her as a theme due to my fascination with Hinduism and their Gods and Goddesses. It's an honor for my to be able to depict Kali.
Peace! - Jaume Alcazo, 5-2-2017.

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Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau

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